Buy residential permits to live wherever you want

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As something that gives you legal rights to seek employment, study, take the plunge into entrepreneurship and enjoy all the luxuries of living abroad, a residence (or residential) permit is a must-have document. It is usually granted by the authorities, meaning that you are supposed to deal with an untold number of application forms and fulfill all their requirements, such as having a good command of a language and proving your financial stability. At Quality Counterfeit Online, however, you are not required to do anything like that.

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Your options when ordering real or fake residential permits online

When filling out the form, make sure it features the following information:

  • Country. There’s no document that works for all states because every foreign policy is different. That is why you should let us know what country you’re looking to move to. At Quality Counterfeit Online, we are in a position to produce residential permits for sale for almost all states, be it in the EU or the Americas.
  • Category of your residence permit. Depending on your intentions and a country’s foreign policy, you may apply for either a fixed-time or permanent residency status. In essence, they differ in the period of time that you are allowed to reside in a state. We can help you acquire the needed status by producing temporary or permanent residential permits online.
  • Type of your residence permit. Those who are looking to start with a clean slate in a foreign country can choose between two options: registered or unregistered documents. You can’t tell them apart, and only data-reading machines can. One thing that distinguishes a fake residential permit from a real one is that the former is not registered in the country’s database. For safety purposes, we strongly recommend you to go for the genuine document.

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